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Depending on the pages you visit, this website contains some or all of the following:

Display settings cookies
If you use buttons on this website to resize the text or open/close certain modules, a cookie will be downloaded to your PC to remember your settings so that you don’t need to click the buttons every time you change the page. These cookies do not feed back personal information to the website. They can remain on your computer for up to 2 years.

Login, online forms and online shopping cookies
This website will download a cookie to your website to determine whether you are ‘logged in’ – ie if you access a staff or private member’s area on the site to add/edit its content. These cookies will expire after 15 minutes or when you close your browser. If you click ‘remember me’ or ‘remember details’ on an online form or login box, a cookie will be saved to your computer for this purpose and will remain on your computer for up to 2 years.

If you use this website to send a message to a commenting facility or for online purchases, cookies will be downloaded to your machine as an essential part of that process. If you use these facilities it is taken that you give your consent for this to happen. The cookies will feed back time and date information to the website as well as some of the information you enter into the online forms. These cookies will expire when you close your browser. No payment/credit card details will be saved, via cookies without your consent. If you click ‘remember me’ or ‘remember details’ on an online form or login box, a cookie will be saved to your computer for this purpose.

Third party cookies
If you choose to click a Youtube video, Facebook ‘Like/Share’ or Twitter ‘Tweet/Retweet’ button on this website, then Facebook/Youtube/Twitter may download cookies to your machine, especially if you are logged in to your Facebook/Youtube/Twitter account at the time. These cookies may pass information to those website about your location or use the information in the button/link to drive targeted advertising. You can control how Facebook/Youtube/Twitter handles your privacy from your account settings on those websites.

Analytics and tracking cookies
This website uses Google Analytics which allows us to monitor which parts of the website are being used, and the overall flow of traffic through the site.   The cookies used by Analytics are saved to your computer to make sure we don't count your next visit as a 'new visitor', and to make sure our internet traffic is mostly from the local area. 

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